Aviation Gives Back

Aviation Gives Back

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What We Do:

Aviation is close knit and aviation is a true community. However, getting into aviation is costly and knowledge of all the career paths in the industry is limited.

Finding a mentor is tough.

Finding a scholarship can be a scattered process.

We are here to change that. Operating like a not-for-profit, we supply flight schools, universities, causes and charities, airports, and companies with funding that supports career growth, scholarship and mentorship opportunities, and a new network that connects us together in aviation.





Let’s start funding Company branded scholarships, paid for discovery flights, and more by supporting your school and program through the Aviation Gives Back Network. 


When someone signs up for Aviation Gives Back using your specific code, those funds go back to your program to support the next generation of aviators. 

Are you a high school or university looking for aviation funding / scholarships? Or may a student group that is looking for a recurring fund that helps create mentorship and job shadowing opportunities? 

Direct your school and students to sign up for Aviation Gives Back. 

When someone signs up for Aviation Gives Back using your school’s code, the profits go back to the school to support scholarship creation, mentorship opportunities, and a recurring fund of support for the students, school, and university. 

Causes and charities are the heart of our great aviation industry.

From Angel Flight, Women In Aviation, RTAG, OBAP, and more, having these great charities help support ALL in aviation and interested in aviation.

Now, we can help these charities with a recurring fund to create scholarships and funding to keep operating stronger than ever. 

When someone signs up for Aviation Gives Back using your charity’s code, we give those funds to the cause to help all our great charities in aviation. 


Want to give back but don’t know where to start? 

We are here to help. 

Whether you are an aviation services company, an airline, airport, aircraft manufacturer or any other aviation organization, we want to help you support mentorship, internship, and scholarship opportunities by breaking the associated cost barriers. 

When an aviator signs up for Aviation Gives Back using your company, airport, or organization’s code, we give those funds to the cause to help support your companies mentorship opportunities, internship creation, and scholarships in aviation.