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The only aviation networking community focused on mentorships, scholarship creation, and networking opportunities.

We give 100% of our net profits to support this mission.
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Uplifting People With An Aviation-Centric Social Community Network

There are so many skilled individuals out there who have the potential to contribute immensely to the aviation industry but lack the means or resources to get there.
At Aviation Gives Back, we aim to bridge this gap between potential and opportunity by giving back to the aviation industry through philanthropic activities and an aviation specific network.

Creating Opportunities By Giving Back Profits

We create opportunities focused on giving back profits to create opportunities such as scholarships, mentorship opportunities, and other such programs that give wings to talent. We go the extra mile by providing recurring funding for scholarships, charities, and causes that support the aviation industry. We believe that the next generation of aviators deserves the best.

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Choose Where Your Profit Goes

Unlike other not-for-profit organizations, we give you the option of choosing where to direct your contributions using a special coupon code. Based on the coupon code of your choice, we will earmark your contributions to go to your preferred organization. For example, code OBAP will be directed to the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, UND for the University of North Dakota, or WIA for Women in Aviation, and more!

Aviation Development

With aviation development as the sole focus, every initiative by us is centered around developing the aviation industry and breaking the cost barriers.


We are a specific aviation community wherein we explore, educate, network, mentor and give opportunities to aviation enthusiasts who aren’t equipped to fund themselves.

Comprehensive Support

By supporting various areas of the aviation industry such as airports, airlines, universities, charities, and other causes, we look into a holistic approach for lending a helping hand to all our aviators.